New Hope to Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Via: Lahaska, Doylestown, Valley Forge

Ride Highlights: A short ride that covers two centuries. A side trip along the Delaware River is one of the most beautiful rides in America. The soft turns and magnificent greenery will be revisited in Intercourse, the hub of Pennsylvania's Amish culture.

Ride Overview: This is a journey that will take you into the past. From the Colonial accents an hour north of Philadelphia to a land where farmers choose to live in the 19th century, you'll ride alongside the historic Delaware River and travel to Pennsylvania's most pristine farmland. In the process, you'll see some of the finest back roads, shop at the most authentic general stores, and meet some of the friendliest people in America. The ride may be short... but it is also very large.

AMISH COUNTRY RUN (click for map)

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Fredericksburg, Virginia

Via: Catoctin State Park, Antietam, Harpers Ferry, Leesburg

Ride Highlights: A short but intense ride that combines periods of tackling extreme topography with moments of reflection at battlefields. From the flat fields of Pennsylvania, you'll rocket through a nice slice of Maryland and into two of the friendliest and most interesting Virginia towns.

Ride Overview: Pennsylvania is a microcosm of American history. From the Declaration of Independence to the Exposition of 1876; from the Amish farmland to the fields of Gettysburg, everything we're about is contained here. This is a poignant trip through the killing fields of Pennsylvania, across a mood-changing Maryland State park, past Civil War highlights and into two historic Virginia walking towns. This may not reveal all there is to know about the Civil War, but you'll gain an appreciation for the people, countryside, and your country.

CIVIL WAR RUN (click for map)

“…Almost immediately, there are oddly angled cornfields creating nice dips, and sharp curves and slow curves wrapping around stone walls and cornstalks. This blacktop roller coaster hauls you up a hill, slings you one way at the peak, and then drops and lifts you up again before slinging you the other way...”

Civil War Run