Deadwood to Custer State Park, South Dakota

Via: Devil's Tower, Sturgis, Hot Springs, Mount Rushmore, Iron Mountain Road

Ride Highlights: America icons, both natural and manmade; large and abundant wildlife; roads that double as obstacle courses.

Ride Overview: In the Black Hills you will see things that teach you the West isn't a direction but a lifestyle. There are towering structures and wide-open spaces, caves and fossil beds, natural beauty and a desire to preserve it. There are pine-covered mountains, fishing streams, hiking trails, lakes, and free-range bison grazing on the land. This region also provides easy access to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Needles and the famed Devils Tower.

BLACK HILLS RUN (click for map)

PLAINS AND SIMPLE (click for map)

Omaha, Nebraska, to Concordia and Oberlin, Kansas, to Ogallala and Broken Bow, Nebraska

Via: Auburn, Pawnee City, Marysville, Beloit, Hill City, Hyannis, Thedford.

Ride Highlights: Mile after mile of emptiness that will clear your head and put you in tune with your bike and your surroundings. Along the way you’ll see how remote farm towns are coping with a changing world, and you’ll meet some of the nicest people in America.

Ride Overview: This ride offers no switchbacks, no rivers, no seas. Instead, it is an epic journey across some of the most desolate land in the Midwest. One that will take you to some small Kansas towns and across the Nebraska prairie. It’s a tour that, I think, symbolizes the mindset of the solo traveler as you cross a landscape as remote as any you can imagine; one that fulfills your image as an independent rider.


San Antonio to Austin, Texas

Via: Bandera, Medina, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, the ‘Three Sisters’ highways, Willow City, Llano, Bluffton, Marble Falls, Jonestown

Ride Highlights: Hardscrabble roads and free-range riding as well as encounters with real-life cowboys and some of the most popular roads in Hill Country. History abounds in San Antonio, music sets the tempo in fantastic Austin.

Ride Overview: Most Texans agree that the expansive Hill Country region is the most scenic part of the state – and the one best suited for motorcyclists. Spreading west of Austin and San Antonio, those cities will be an anchor and Fredericksburg your ultimate a destination when you embark on a ride that attracts the spiritual heirs of Old West cowboys: Riders who savor the joy that comes with reaching open country and freeing their spirits on open roads.

WILD WEST RUN (click for map)

Livingston, Montana to Jackson, Wyoming

Via: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park

Ride Highlights: Characters from Western novels, fantastic views of mountain ranges and glacier lakes, the bracing feel of cool winds and enough photo ops to make a full-length film.

Ride Overview: This could be the best run in the West. It begins in an authentic Western town, traverses a kaleidoscope of natural wonders, and comes to a close in another Western town -- albeit one with a nice twist. The roads are not challenging in themselves, but the ride will be forever remembered for the fact that you were in the presence of the most magnificent scenery and wildlife America has to offer.

MIGHTY MONTANA RUN (click for map)

Missoula to Bozeman, Montana

Via: Lolo, Hamilton, Big Hole National Battlefield, Divide, Dillon, Sheridan, Nevada City, Virginia  City, Ennis, Norris

Ride Highlights: A ride back to the Old West through America's most magnificent countryside.

Ride Overview: This is a grand ride. It is large in scope, large in scenery, and large in memories. There are mountains, rivers, ghost towns, and saloons and then there are Montanans who project a refreshing self-reliance and strength of character. The essence of the state is palpable on this ride.


Boise to Ketchum to McCall, Idaho

Via: Murphy, Grand View, Bruneau, Coral, Craters of the Moon, Hailey, Stanley, Lowman, Cascade

Ride Highlights: Wild and wide open, with an impressive link of scenic byways connecting one remote town to the next while introducing strange landscapes, incredible vistas, and an assortment of colorful communities.

Ride Overview: Remote and expansive plains ushering you into sometimes intricate yet always scenic low mountain riding. Start with a wide-open ride custom designed to relieve stress and cleanse your mind, then cruise across the charcoal-black cinders of an ancient lava bed. After rolling into a valley retreat favored by cowboys, skiers, and America's most powerful people, ride out on a final run combining the majesty of wild rivers and scenic byways.

“…I parked at a slight rise in the road and looked around. From horizon to horizon I calculated I was the only one viewing 900 squares miles of emptiness. This alone assured me that I was on the right path.”

Plains and Simple

Kansas-Nebraska Tour